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Old money, old friends, old backup

I awoke today after two days of straight sleep. I'm in one piece, hungry as hell and thirsty for a river. However, that is not the excitement that has convinced me to write here. An acquaintance of old with mutual enemies has recently returned to the city; this news lightens my mood. He once ran the highlines and although a new decker in regards to the age of the matrix, still a good ally. The cloak and dagger meeting almost had me incinerate his messenger...good thing I am trusting of people who know how to throw the right name. This will completely sway the tide on the matrix and perhaps on the meat. The trix and skies are ours again. The corporate Viggen crap can't touch the harrier...especially not with the game flying it now...I don't care what Soze says.

I'm about to jack in and see if I can't make up some lost information...the world ended in two days long ago, so sleeping through two days means I have a lot to catch up on.

Watch your back NC.
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