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AI and the NetWatch lackey

So, I'm running around the matrix being stupid and shit. Bam! An AI is on me telling me shit that I can't barely understand because I'm not in the mood to listen. What happens next? Nothing! I don't run and it doesn't care. Obviously it doesn't know I'm the reason IO and NetWatch stepped up of late.

Secondary to that, I ran into a NetWatch boy in MI; it was a blur, scythes, glues, bolos, blades everything you can imagine. He was on one of NetWatch's nicer decks, the Gladiators...he actually hit me. We danced around the node for mere minutes but it was enough to create havoc....

I was left and quickly after the incident, I realized I had just permanately removed Mock/Mocker from this plane of existance. NetWatch couldn't know, but still...I'm not sure whether to feel proud or worried. After all NetWatch looks after their own and Virgil thinks we might be in some trouble.

Whatever, I've dodged the mindswipe before, I've tango'd with the perma_killer. What's a few NetWatch runners going to do?
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