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Shimmer of hope...

***A man rezzes infront of you, gowned in flowing whites robes that contrast his dark skin brilliantly. As an unknown wind brushes agains the cloth, they sway and dance...shimmering and shifting; phasing out of the visible spectrum; taking along with them the body beneath. Long dreads match the hypnotic swaying of the dancing robes. Druidish; sage like; guru on the mountain. The man before you radiates a warm energy, all eyes are entranced and drawn into his gaze; peered on stoicly by his eyes, you are greeted. ***

I've been contested on the Matrix, and the NetWatch Centurion deck has bested my Gothix Industries MindsEyeIII...I'm forced even now to recite it's name and once legendary status that belonged to it. Now, shortened to fit into quick comms and mails...the 'me3' has lost its jive for me. Many dream of it and shake in their sleeps at the nightmares of losing it. It's once respected and warranted falling on my deaf ears...I couldn't stand against the Eye today...and nearly lost the encounter.

Erinyes planly and without my own retaliation threw me from my perch and I was powerless to stop him...where is my once sturdy position amongst the Gods? How has this law constricted even the likes of the oldest active deckers on this matrix? Sometimes I find myself recalling names of now myths...those like Vilma, or Mainframe or Felix...engineers like Blue who could fix the decks we strive not to loose to these high line pigs such as Erinyes - how I'd love to see them come aid us in the fight.

I've got my plans and ideas and they are my only shimmer of hope. Virgil has some inklings of his own...and I trust them dearly. I believe in any man can conjure a way to win this war, Virgil and me are of that likes to do it...considering no one else around these parts seems to care.

***With a flick of his wrist and the wave of his hand a massive griffin emerges from the node floor and engulfs you entire. Painlessly and without even the slighest motion; you are ejected from the node***

|+|Disconnected from system|+|
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