Massa (horatio_massa) wrote,

The Invisible Man

If I stop combing my hair,
And I stop shaving my face.
Would you notice or care,
Would it just be a waste?
If I stop changing my clothes,
If I stop watching my weight.
Yeah, how far do I got to go?
Just what do I got to say?

I walk in slowly with grace,
I hit a couple home runs.
I stand right up in your face,
But I don't block out the sun.
So I go out on a limb,
I get all true blue and sincere,
But I don't show up on film.
I can't be seen in a mirror.

Someone sneaks in ladies locker rooms,
Put on their trunks chalk full of jewels.
I keep my hands where you can see them,
Any fool can see them,
Why can't you see them?
I know when I'm beat.
I know when to stay down.
You put floppy shoes on my feet,
And a big happy frown.

I'm the invisible man
- here I am - Try and catch me, If you can.
I'm right behind you, Here I am.
Everybody shakes my hand but you,
I'm the invisible man,
But the only body I want is you.
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