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Testing fate...

So, today I didn't care much for the cautiousness of the Matrix. I plain out went after Erinyes. At first it was a surprise, I had n-koded and used a trick so he couldn't just hit my other stored icon...not sure if it is a trick, but it always freaks out the n00bians when I pop in...anyway, back to it. So, I straight up moved into the Complant node ready to pack...his 35 CPU over me and my stupidness thinking I could break him. Well, crazy this is, he didn't touch me...I danced around the node and left. He got some shots off as I was pounding him with Wendigo, missing but trying. That lackey was lucky...Kryptech hasn't had a pig skewed in a long time I know that much for sure.

I want my NetWatch warrant higher then N 3 1s!....that's my goal. I'll gank sentinals to get it if I have to.

I want Erinyes to remember my name forever and I want the Night Cities chapter of NetFuck to remember the stings I give them...remembering long after I crack their retinal scanner protected asses on High street in that Nakamura fucking tower...

They'll see how Horatio Massa rolls soon enough.
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