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Crazy days...

So, today was a good pay off and crazy day. I went raiding to Nakamura target was Lauren...her MV-22 Osprey. That AV has been begging to be stolen for a long time now. However, the SecuriTech VTheft Countermeasure system on it packs a sting and I got my own a few. However, to lighten the day I managed to strangle Bishop and be involved with Lauren's death. It was a blast.

Basically the day ended in me getting a full set of chrome and some kick ass ATS Goggles...however, they were already mine. I died though and didn't know that when Ali handed me them back. Crazy shit.

Good day, good pay some valuable lines on getting some things handled that have been in my way for a long time now. Starting to re-emerge from the slump I've been in. Hopefully I can't work this shiz out.

Good day, good day...action, adventure and excitement...although a jedi craves not these things...I love 'em dearly.
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