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Hamlet was no buddies fool.

~~~The node before you rezzes into an endless green plain. Trees spotting it randomly, massive and old casting gargantuan shadows. A light summers breeze can be felt if you stand still long enough; it carries a sweet smell and a sweeter taste of freshness. Your virtual senses are soaring with the richness of this node. The massive detail and immense graphical perfection product of, needless to say, an unfathomable highly advanced graphics processor(likely NWE or Epoch made). A moment passes of silence and the sound of a wushing winds and slick cutting of air can be heard; avian; a great horned owl launches from a wooded area to to east not far off. The owl circles momentarily before swooping low and perching on an invisible surface; a chair rezzes below him and his form waves and flickers between all colours of the visible spectrum before it shatters into terabytes of datalines projected throughout the plains. In the place of the owl, now sits an old greyed man.~~~

The node is impressive...I got a hold of the Evolving Digiplex Mainframe again...I had fuN!

So, here I am now...doing as good as I've ever done. NetWatch has slowed down...I've managed to bypass MI for the kids...on many an instance and really. I can't figure out with it's not dropping past 460ice...whatever.

Here's the problem...Jurg's pissed off Shai, Shai is with Ali...tighter then I am at the moment, I'm with Jurgs...where's that leave us? Nowhere until Ali pulls his...not with him against him Bush shit. Issues there, issues.

I best get incognito and move or some shit...not to sure what is going on. I might not look so the same when all this is done. Need to give myself some tweaking as to not be so noticeable.

I'm outz.
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