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I remember before I moved out of the Abandoned Shuttle Terminal...before I knew Cordelia or Jurgen or barely was anything. There was this time...I woke up in my vat to find myself without knowledge of my death. Ayame who I was close to at the time said I'd disconnected suddenly from the Matrix not 10 minutes heart started to throb wildly and I didn't want to believe her. She offered me a pick up in her Daishi Hovercraft (one that would later be Lauren's and Ali's...but it switched around a little before that didn't it.)...I said I would stay in the vats for a few, to cool off...she came anyway and there I am trying to get back into my shop and the code didn't match. I commed her telling her...she called that I wasn't in the vat and had nothing of it...she figured I was the one gunning for her...she panicked and figured it was scheme for her life and a Daishi and a 7.62mm gun were outside the Mushroom building on Hitachi begging for my blood. I had to leave...I had to get the cred for a clone...I rushed to the bank...dodging a halo of bullets...chased with nothing between death but my naked flesh. I got the creds and I ducked for the Cloners...she hit me and I went cold but only for a second. I startled to and was gone in a jiffy...where you ask? No one around to ask for a place...I had lost everything I owned...all my decks...and I had a lot at that time, my life my fucking named was worth 12k and a complant signal and nothing more. I run to find a stashed WitPro I'd bought from the Urban Trade awhile ago...I went into the wastes...of course I'd stopped for a canteen before I left...I didn't have to go far...I was heading to the downed RSI platform to end my existence in a fury of bullets and ripper drone blades...I got there...but a comforting voice from the next realm (wizzen paging me) calmed my twisted demeanor...I was reassured a mistake had been...something was amiss...but I had no clone, I like so many before me had decided halfway down from the 19th story building speeding to the ground that they didn't wanna die...the last few drops changed my mind...before the hammer struck I wanted to pull away...but it was to late, I was to far canteen was halfway full, my gun was probably jammed and I was wearing naught but a few rags...I was lost and without a prayer...God forsakes the suicidal. I'm thinking to myself now what and the Massa that took me that far already...the wild drive. I let go and walked west. 2 geckos and mantlion later, barely conscious, mangled and bloody I arrived at the ruins of the city late though, the world spun black before my eyes and I fell to the ground. Hours past...seriously the sun was in midday when I fell and setting when I woke. I stumbled into the city half alive and bleeding from the thigh...the cab took an eternity to arrive....the Neon Tower was a blessing...but the nurse was busy...I passed out...humming was growing in my ears....why didn't I get to the cloners first? I awoke in a vat...somehow I was ushered body still landlord had rented the place out mindlessly and the guy came in and fucked me over in his shop (tier 3 recomp)...or rather my shop I should say...

Hardest day of my life...I fucking owned it though and here I am...

The End.

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