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Away in a chopshop, no futon for a bed, the little decker lays down his sweet head....

*The datascreen is dark, almost black; The sound of movement and rustling is heard, car horns, voices. The image clears and the timestamp on the bottom right corner of the screen reads -CAMERA POD-3 NCI- and a single man stays focused on the screen, as if the camera is locked on him. He begins walking through the masses of people, dressed plainly in a jumpsuit of decker make and some rounded shades, dreadlocks flowing down his face, the ambient midafternoon light casting dancing shadows all around him; sewers venting steam and cromags coughly smoke and smog from their lungs. A sign is seen, Midtown and Fuji...obviously a corner in New Carthage. The man stops here and turns to the camera and smiles and begins to speak.*

I woke up this morning to a sweet smell and warm feeling. I was beside a lady, it was rather pleasant. However, accompanied with it, I had the feeling in my stomach I get when I know, run my shields a little harder, perhaps peer out the peephole a few extra times before leaving the shop. Whatever it is, it is on the front and something to be vigilant for. I spend around 50k today, maybe more...I didn't check before the spree. I've finally settled back to a decent directory on my deck. I used to run with 200 storage needing 180 for basic softs alone. I'm pushing 140 barely at the moment. My old brain is having trouble remembering everything I used to use. Mind you, I could easily fill 500 storage with essentials if I needed...ah, all this is a boring I am standing in the middle of the street telling you my software antics...

*A cromag approaches the man and mumbles something in his ear, they link credsticks and the cromag disappears.*

Well, whatever, I'm way to busy for this get back to my place. I'm way way to old to be out on the streets...according to PH files...I'm the third oldest person in New Carthage...that's bunk man, way bunk. To think, all this time here...where'd it go? Where'd they all go...what I wouldn't do to spin the watch a few years back.

*He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cyclinder blinking device, putting it at the camera pod, he almost grimaces as he presses a button and the screen goes blank.*
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