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Net Hunter's Haven [entries|friends|calendar]

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[06 Apr 2037|03:47am]
[ mood | exanimate ]

So, I looked at my watch...it's analog. I realized it's almost been a month since the incident with NW

I'll recap so you know;

Legion, a rogue AI created by a rogue NetWatch matrix agent had started taking over the matrix. I was contacted by LSD to tackle this issue. So, I took my me3 and a quantum implosion bomb into the NetWatch HQ. Story short, I woke up in a vat just in time to feel the entire city shake. I had done it. I found out that this AI was the combined essence of Lokin's Blind God, Edgecrusher, Heladikos and the Legion. I had no idea it was so powerful. Mind you the drones it had corrupted and used to kill meatside should've been an indication. When RSI hardware is being taken one should worry. Anyway, it's been a month...

My sheets grown big: two Chief Matrix Agents for NetWatch perm'd, two Corporate buildings leveled and two rogue AIs downed, two Terrorism; two evasion and six trespassing warrants from NCSP and I've stolen a total of 16 high end vehicles in the last year...list as follows in no order; Dreadnaught, Harrier, Zil Limo, Miltech, IndoBMW, Mustang, KA-62, ArcLight, Volga, Mazda RX-7, Urban-Halo, Baja, The Mercedes Limo and a few others I can't remember...

Oh, and I've fallen in love once...

She showed back up in the city, sometime after the incident. My mind has been a haze since. I run arms now...big ones, and it runs like a condition mechanism - order, sell, order, sell. However in this state of autopilot my mind draws blanks constantly and I can't figure why. I'm sure there's a simple explanation, maybe some residual affect of Legion's nanite virii rampaging through my brain. I can't be sure.

Shaigusa and Ali, the only ones that sincerely want me dead are no where to be found. I've not run into real opposition since they've left. Honestly though, I didn't run into any when they were here. So, what am I supposed to do? Pick fights? Heh, that's what got Axel, Jurgen and Sponte out of a deck. I wish they'd been more careful. Come to think of it...I was responsible for those two me3s and the paladin. I wonder if I'm selling to the losing team? If so, that'd mean I'm losing too.

Anyways, I'm off to as Lewski just said, 'evaporate' some MantLions from orbit with the IO laser.

Stay frosty,

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Flashback... [16 Apr 2036|02:18am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

I remember before I moved out of the Abandoned Shuttle Terminal...before I knew Cordelia or Jurgen or barely was anything. There was this time...I woke up in my vat to find myself without knowledge of my death. Ayame who I was close to at the time said I'd disconnected suddenly from the Matrix not 10 minutes ago...my heart started to throb wildly and I didn't want to believe her. She offered me a pick up in her Daishi Hovercraft (one that would later be Lauren's and Ali's...but it switched around a little before that didn't it.)...I said I would stay in the vats for a few, to cool off...she came anyway and there I am trying to get back into my shop and the code didn't match. I commed her telling her...she called that I wasn't in the vat and had nothing of it...she figured I was the one gunning for her...she panicked and figured it was scheme for her life and a Daishi and a 7.62mm gun were outside the Mushroom building on Hitachi begging for my blood. I had to leave...I had to get the cred for a clone...I rushed to the bank...dodging a halo of bullets...chased with nothing between death but my naked flesh. I got the creds and I ducked for the Cloners...she hit me and I went cold but only for a second. I startled to and was gone in a jiffy...where you ask? No one around to ask for a place...I had lost everything I owned...all my decks...and I had a lot at that time, my life my fucking game...my named was worth 12k and a complant signal and nothing more. I run to find a stashed WitPro I'd bought from the Urban Trade awhile ago...I went into the wastes...of course I'd stopped for a canteen before I left...I didn't have to go far...I was heading to the downed RSI platform to end my existence in a fury of bullets and ripper drone blades...I got there...but a comforting voice from the next realm (wizzen paging me) calmed my twisted demeanor...I was reassured a mistake had been...something was amiss...but I had no clone, I like so many before me had decided halfway down from the 19th story building speeding to the ground that they didn't wanna die...the last few drops changed my mind...before the hammer struck I wanted to pull away...but it was to late, I was to far gone...my canteen was halfway full, my gun was probably jammed and I was wearing naught but a few rags...I was lost and without a prayer...God forsakes the suicidal. I'm thinking to myself now what and the Massa that took me that far already...the wild drive. I let go and walked west. 2 geckos and mantlion later, barely conscious, mangled and bloody I arrived at the ruins of the city wall...to late though, the world spun black before my eyes and I fell to the ground. Hours past...seriously the sun was in midday when I fell and setting when I woke. I stumbled into the city half alive and bleeding from the thigh...the cab took an eternity to arrive....the Neon Tower was a blessing...but the nurse was busy...I passed out...humming was growing in my ears....why didn't I get to the cloners first? I awoke in a vat...somehow I was ushered in...my body still mangled...my landlord had rented the place out mindlessly and the guy came in and fucked me over in his shop (tier 3 bug...no recomp)...or rather my shop I should say...

Hardest day of my life...I fucking owned it though and here I am...

The End.


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Hamlet was no buddies fool. [14 Apr 2036|02:52am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

~~~The node before you rezzes into an endless green plain. Trees spotting it randomly, massive and old casting gargantuan shadows. A light summers breeze can be felt if you stand still long enough; it carries a sweet smell and a sweeter taste of freshness. Your virtual senses are soaring with the richness of this node. The massive detail and immense graphical perfection product of, needless to say, an unfathomable highly advanced graphics processor(likely NWE or Epoch made). A moment passes of silence and the sound of a wushing winds and slick cutting of air can be heard; avian; a great horned owl launches from a wooded area to to east not far off. The owl circles momentarily before swooping low and perching on an invisible surface; a chair rezzes below him and his form waves and flickers between all colours of the visible spectrum before it shatters into terabytes of datalines projected throughout the plains. In the place of the owl, now sits an old greyed man.~~~

The node is impressive...I got a hold of the Evolving Digiplex Mainframe again...I had fuN!

So, here I am now...doing as good as I've ever done. NetWatch has slowed down...I've managed to bypass MI for the kids...on many an instance and really. I can't figure out with it's not dropping past 460ice...whatever.

Here's the problem...Jurg's pissed off Shai, Shai is with Ali...tighter then I am at the moment, I'm with Jurgs...where's that leave us? Nowhere until Ali pulls his...not with him against him Bush shit. Issues there, issues.

I best get incognito and move or some shit...not to sure what is going on. I might not look so the same when all this is done. Need to give myself some tweaking as to not be so noticeable.

I'm outz.

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... [07 Apr 2036|03:48am]
Am I alone?

Who am I?

Ever had a dream that felt so real...how do I know the difference between the dream world and the awake?
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Crazy days... [05 Apr 2036|04:40am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So, today was a good pay off and crazy day. I went raiding to Nakamura Tower...my target was Lauren...her MV-22 Osprey. That AV has been begging to be stolen for a long time now. However, the SecuriTech VTheft Countermeasure system on it packs a sting and I got my own a few. However, to lighten the day I managed to strangle Bishop and be involved with Lauren's death. It was a blast.

Basically the day ended in me getting a full set of chrome and some kick ass ATS Goggles...however, they were already mine. I died though and didn't know that when Ali handed me them back. Crazy shit.

Good day, good pay offs....got some valuable lines on getting some things handled that have been in my way for a long time now. Starting to re-emerge from the slump I've been in. Hopefully I can't work this shiz out.

Good day, good day...action, adventure and excitement...although a jedi craves not these things...I love 'em dearly.

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Testing fate... [23 Mar 2036|11:12pm]
[ mood | blank ]

So, today I didn't care much for the cautiousness of the Matrix. I plain out went after Erinyes. At first it was a surprise, I had n-koded and used a trick so he couldn't just hit my other stored icon...not sure if it is a trick, but it always freaks out the n00bians when I pop in...anyway, back to it. So, I straight up moved into the Complant node ready to pack...his 35 CPU over me and my stupidness thinking I could break him. Well, crazy this is, he didn't touch me...I danced around the node and left. He got some shots off as I was pounding him with Wendigo, missing but trying. That lackey was lucky...Kryptech hasn't had a pig skewed in a long time I know that much for sure.

I want my NetWatch warrant higher then N 3 1s!....that's my goal. I'll gank sentinals to get it if I have to.

I want Erinyes to remember my name forever and I want the Night Cities chapter of NetFuck to remember the stings I give them...remembering long after I crack their retinal scanner protected asses on High street in that Nakamura fucking tower...

They'll see how Horatio Massa rolls soon enough.

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The Invisible Man [21 Mar 2036|11:58pm]
If I stop combing my hair,
And I stop shaving my face.
Would you notice or care,
Would it just be a waste?
If I stop changing my clothes,
If I stop watching my weight.
Yeah, how far do I got to go?
Just what do I got to say?

I walk in slowly with grace,
I hit a couple home runs.
I stand right up in your face,
But I don't block out the sun.
So I go out on a limb,
I get all true blue and sincere,
But I don't show up on film.
I can't be seen in a mirror.

Someone sneaks in ladies locker rooms,
Put on their trunks chalk full of jewels.
I keep my hands where you can see them,
Any fool can see them,
Why can't you see them?
I know when I'm beat.
I know when to stay down.
You put floppy shoes on my feet,
And a big happy frown.

I'm the invisible man
- here I am - Try and catch me, If you can.
I'm right behind you, Here I am.
Everybody shakes my hand but you,
I'm the invisible man,
But the only body I want is you.
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Shimmer of hope... [20 Mar 2036|11:30pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

***A man rezzes infront of you, gowned in flowing whites robes that contrast his dark skin brilliantly. As an unknown wind brushes agains the cloth, they sway and dance...shimmering and shifting; phasing out of the visible spectrum; taking along with them the body beneath. Long dreads match the hypnotic swaying of the dancing robes. Druidish; sage like; guru on the mountain. The man before you radiates a warm energy, all eyes are entranced and drawn into his gaze; peered on stoicly by his eyes, you are greeted. ***

I've been contested on the Matrix, and the NetWatch Centurion deck has bested my Gothix Industries MindsEyeIII...I'm forced even now to recite it's name and once legendary status that belonged to it. Now, shortened to fit into quick comms and mails...the 'me3' has lost its jive for me. Many dream of it and shake in their sleeps at the nightmares of losing it. It's once respected and warranted praises...now falling on my deaf ears...I couldn't stand against the Eye today...and nearly lost the encounter.

Erinyes planly and without my own retaliation threw me from my perch and I was powerless to stop him...where is my once sturdy position amongst the Gods? How has this law constricted even the likes of the oldest active deckers on this matrix? Sometimes I find myself recalling names of now myths...those like Vilma, or Mainframe or Felix...engineers like Blue who could fix the decks we strive not to loose to these high line pigs such as Erinyes - how I'd love to see them come aid us in the fight.

I've got my plans and ideas and they are my only shimmer of hope. Virgil has some inklings of his own...and I trust them dearly. I believe in any man can conjure a way to win this war, Virgil and me are of that likes to do it...considering no one else around these parts seems to care.

***With a flick of his wrist and the wave of his hand a massive griffin emerges from the node floor and engulfs you entire. Painlessly and without even the slighest motion; you are ejected from the node***

|+|Disconnected from system|+|

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AI and the NetWatch lackey [19 Mar 2036|06:11pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So, I'm running around the matrix being stupid and shit. Bam! An AI is on me telling me shit that I can't barely understand because I'm not in the mood to listen. What happens next? Nothing! I don't run and it doesn't care. Obviously it doesn't know I'm the reason IO and NetWatch stepped up of late.

Secondary to that, I ran into a NetWatch boy in MI; it was a blur, scythes, glues, bolos, blades everything you can imagine. He was on one of NetWatch's nicer decks, the Gladiators...he actually hit me. We danced around the node for mere minutes but it was enough to create havoc....

I was left and quickly after the incident, I realized I had just permanately removed Mock/Mocker from this plane of existance. NetWatch couldn't know, but still...I'm not sure whether to feel proud or worried. After all NetWatch looks after their own and Virgil thinks we might be in some trouble.

Whatever, I've dodged the mindswipe before, I've tango'd with the perma_killer. What's a few NetWatch runners going to do?

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Old money, old friends, old backup [12 Mar 2036|03:37pm]
[ mood | determined ]

I awoke today after two days of straight sleep. I'm in one piece, hungry as hell and thirsty for a river. However, that is not the excitement that has convinced me to write here. An acquaintance of old with mutual enemies has recently returned to the city; this news lightens my mood. He once ran the highlines and although a new decker in regards to the age of the matrix, still a good ally. The cloak and dagger meeting almost had me incinerate his messenger...good thing I am trusting of people who know how to throw the right name. This will completely sway the tide on the matrix and perhaps on the meat. The trix and skies are ours again. The corporate Viggen crap can't touch the harrier...especially not with the game flying it now...I don't care what Soze says.

I'm about to jack in and see if I can't make up some lost information...the world ended in two days long ago, so sleeping through two days means I have a lot to catch up on.

Watch your back NC.

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Away in a chopshop, no futon for a bed, the little decker lays down his sweet head.... [08 Mar 2036|05:04pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

*The datascreen is dark, almost black; The sound of movement and rustling is heard, car horns, voices. The image clears and the timestamp on the bottom right corner of the screen reads -CAMERA POD-3 NCI- and a single man stays focused on the screen, as if the camera is locked on him. He begins walking through the masses of people, dressed plainly in a jumpsuit of decker make and some rounded shades, dreadlocks flowing down his face, the ambient midafternoon light casting dancing shadows all around him; sewers venting steam and cromags coughly smoke and smog from their lungs. A sign is seen, Midtown and Fuji...obviously a corner in New Carthage. The man stops here and turns to the camera and smiles and begins to speak.*

I woke up this morning to a sweet smell and warm feeling. I was beside a lady, it was rather pleasant. However, accompanied with it, I had the feeling in my stomach I get when I should...you know, run my shields a little harder, perhaps peer out the peephole a few extra times before leaving the shop. Whatever it is, it is on the front and something to be vigilant for. I spend around 50k today, maybe more...I didn't check before the spree. I've finally settled back to a decent directory on my deck. I used to run with 200 storage needing 180 for basic softs alone. I'm pushing 140 barely at the moment. My old brain is having trouble remembering everything I used to use. Mind you, I could easily fill 500 storage with essentials if I needed...ah, all this is a boring rant...here I am standing in the middle of the street telling you my software antics...

*A cromag approaches the man and mumbles something in his ear, they link credsticks and the cromag disappears.*

Well, whatever, I'm way to busy for this shit...best get back to my place. I'm way way to old to be out on the streets...according to PH files...I'm the third oldest person in New Carthage...that's bunk man, way bunk. To think, all this time here...where'd it go? Where'd they all go...what I wouldn't do to spin the watch a few years back.

*He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cyclinder blinking device, putting it at the camera pod, he almost grimaces as he presses a button and the screen goes blank.*

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|+| Connecting to DeadWyre's Node |+| [07 Mar 2036|07:08pm]
[ mood | awake ]

-|+| Activating Virtual Imaging and Voice Archive |+|-
-|+| M4rch 7 2036 |+|-

*You see a man before you, rezzed oddly, not made out to be some perfect specimen; He's wearing a jumpsuit with a Gothix Industries (in)famous logo on it, thrash shades and he's sporting a rather wicked tattoo on his right hand, just by his wrist. There's nothing out of the ordinary about this man, he'd be lost among the throng of citizens just as easy as the next.*

*He speaks...his voice hypnotic and entrancing, after all, this is the matrix*

Greetings, I'm glad you've returned...I suppose I'll forego the pleasantries and skip to the part where I vent about this city I love and loathe.

I woke up today with teeth stuck in my leg and the hum of metallic sentries droning their protocals loudly into my ears. My bodyguard asleep on the ground, my dog chewing on my shoe in his sleep...I dunno about this place much anymore. *He clears his throat from a night of dry tosing and turning* I still have sand in every crevice of my body from the work I did on the Harrier...which reminds me...I've stolen a lot of vehicles lately...Mercedes AMG, Zil Coupe, Dreadnaught, Mustang, Daishi, Harrier...well assisted, few high end NCPD bikes...you know the usual rummagings of NC. It's odd how it's cheaper to buy an armored military hovercraft then a decent old school quad wheeled mode of transport. Fucking NGA is rediculous I swear. He needs more cars!

So, today I managed to perplex Lauren as to who I was on the trix, and had a decent conversation with her. If decent is the word you could use for her constant bickering. I was hanging out at the Grind with my boy |Static| and she showed up...freaked out probably because I stood my ground and waved 100 cpu in her face. If she read her history books she'd know who I was. I remembering schooling her before I changed my name...back when we were both on me2s. She never knew what hit her. I just can't wait till Nico comes around and destroys her a few more times.

Well, I think I'm on my way now to hit up IO and send a message Cordelia's way...hopefully she gets it.

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|+| Connecting DeadWyre's Node |+| [07 Mar 2036|02:37am]
[ mood | discontent ]

So, you've stumbled upon my node...it's simple...I stole most of the design from Dystopia. If you don't know where that is, best hit up the wumpusmap n00b.

So, I will refrain from mentioning any of my Thieves Guild dealings in the files found in the datastreams of this node and strictly stick to the netrunning biz, jive? You best be, I've got little tolerance since I had to ask for yet another copy of Rastifier's Ice Plug. Remember that I owe Virgil...unless of course you remember the time I did the work on his 3s for free. I owed him for shadowdialer before that anyway. It was the least I could do.

Moot is dead...perm'd...yet again another promising decker left unfulfilled. I rarely can remember their names now. I've been back in the city for only a year now and already I've seen them come and go. Null, Shift, Moot, Hansen...Edmond...I can't even remember. I've sold more then 12 me2s in the last 2 months and I can count who's left faster then Enkian Borg executes and resets. Mind you, Jurgen's been around lately and keeping to it. He got my old Proteus, he's promising in that fact. He's sustained his name a few month or so. I remember seeing his name on my browsing of the MI Accounting node. He's been in NC for awhile, just never made a name - I helped him there. Even pushed him into the HELIOS...forget you heard me say that...wait, screw it....NCSP already has my number; I sit around godding NW Sentinals constantly. I could care less about IO on my tail. Mind you, I saw how they dealt with the EVA and Rifle that Liam stole. I wish I had been in on that job. IO deserves a kick.

So, I finally moved that TWS, Ali's got it and I hope it does him well...what do I care...life has been boring since Cordelia left town. Can barely keep my head on straight without wanting to head out to the grassy greens of Montana and go see her. Question is; when I fought that rogue AI and thwarted the drones right in front of everyone why didn't I get into the Mercedes? I had my chance. Good man Sly though. Hopefully he takes care of her. All I have is a note, chrome rose, postcard and picture to hold me off...non of which, may I add are perfumed...even if they were the stupid fucking smog long ago changed that.

I best jack in...see what I can't find. Maybe hit up the RFs...

Dammit Cord, why did I let you leave the city...NC hasn't tasted as good without you.

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