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|+| Connecting DeadWyre's Node |+|

So, you've stumbled upon my's simple...I stole most of the design from Dystopia. If you don't know where that is, best hit up the wumpusmap n00b.

So, I will refrain from mentioning any of my Thieves Guild dealings in the files found in the datastreams of this node and strictly stick to the netrunning biz, jive? You best be, I've got little tolerance since I had to ask for yet another copy of Rastifier's Ice Plug. Remember that I owe Virgil...unless of course you remember the time I did the work on his 3s for free. I owed him for shadowdialer before that anyway. It was the least I could do.

Moot is dead...perm'd...yet again another promising decker left unfulfilled. I rarely can remember their names now. I've been back in the city for only a year now and already I've seen them come and go. Null, Shift, Moot, Hansen...Edmond...I can't even remember. I've sold more then 12 me2s in the last 2 months and I can count who's left faster then Enkian Borg executes and resets. Mind you, Jurgen's been around lately and keeping to it. He got my old Proteus, he's promising in that fact. He's sustained his name a few month or so. I remember seeing his name on my browsing of the MI Accounting node. He's been in NC for awhile, just never made a name - I helped him there. Even pushed him into the HELIOS...forget you heard me say that...wait, screw it....NCSP already has my number; I sit around godding NW Sentinals constantly. I could care less about IO on my tail. Mind you, I saw how they dealt with the EVA and Rifle that Liam stole. I wish I had been in on that job. IO deserves a kick.

So, I finally moved that TWS, Ali's got it and I hope it does him well...what do I has been boring since Cordelia left town. Can barely keep my head on straight without wanting to head out to the grassy greens of Montana and go see her. Question is; when I fought that rogue AI and thwarted the drones right in front of everyone why didn't I get into the Mercedes? I had my chance. Good man Sly though. Hopefully he takes care of her. All I have is a note, chrome rose, postcard and picture to hold me off...non of which, may I add are perfumed...even if they were the stupid fucking smog long ago changed that.

I best jack in...see what I can't find. Maybe hit up the RFs...

Dammit Cord, why did I let you leave the city...NC hasn't tasted as good without you.
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