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|+| Connecting to DeadWyre's Node |+|

-|+| Activating Virtual Imaging and Voice Archive |+|-
-|+| M4rch 7 2036 |+|-

*You see a man before you, rezzed oddly, not made out to be some perfect specimen; He's wearing a jumpsuit with a Gothix Industries (in)famous logo on it, thrash shades and he's sporting a rather wicked tattoo on his right hand, just by his wrist. There's nothing out of the ordinary about this man, he'd be lost among the throng of citizens just as easy as the next.*

*He speaks...his voice hypnotic and entrancing, after all, this is the matrix*

Greetings, I'm glad you've returned...I suppose I'll forego the pleasantries and skip to the part where I vent about this city I love and loathe.

I woke up today with teeth stuck in my leg and the hum of metallic sentries droning their protocals loudly into my ears. My bodyguard asleep on the ground, my dog chewing on my shoe in his sleep...I dunno about this place much anymore. *He clears his throat from a night of dry tosing and turning* I still have sand in every crevice of my body from the work I did on the Harrier...which reminds me...I've stolen a lot of vehicles lately...Mercedes AMG, Zil Coupe, Dreadnaught, Mustang, Daishi, Harrier...well assisted, few high end NCPD know the usual rummagings of NC. It's odd how it's cheaper to buy an armored military hovercraft then a decent old school quad wheeled mode of transport. Fucking NGA is rediculous I swear. He needs more cars!

So, today I managed to perplex Lauren as to who I was on the trix, and had a decent conversation with her. If decent is the word you could use for her constant bickering. I was hanging out at the Grind with my boy |Static| and she showed up...freaked out probably because I stood my ground and waved 100 cpu in her face. If she read her history books she'd know who I was. I remembering schooling her before I changed my name...back when we were both on me2s. She never knew what hit her. I just can't wait till Nico comes around and destroys her a few more times.

Well, I think I'm on my way now to hit up IO and send a message Cordelia's way...hopefully she gets it.
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